For Foreign Candidates

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn invites all interested PhD students from all over the world, to submit application for the Project “PROM - International scholarship exchange for PhD students and academic staff”. Project enables participation in short forms of education (lasting from 5 to 30 days) which are aimed at increasing competences and qualifications. 

Please, read the Regulations of participation in the Project “PROM - International scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff”

A complete set of recruitment documentation consists of the following documents:

-   Application Form;
-   The original or a copy of the acceptance letter issued by host institution, e.g. in the form of: an original letter, print from e-mail or fax;
-   Document/Statement confirming language competences (min. B2 level) the necessary to complete the scholarship exchange (e.g. an international certificate; a certificate from the unit where the Candidate completed a course at a given level of proficiency; a copy of the doctoral examination issued for  true copy; the statement of the Applicant (template not provided);
-   The certificate confirming the status of doctoral student at a foreign institution.

The documents must be filled in Polish or English.

Candidates with disabilities, requiring appropriate support in the recruitment process will receive assistance, where possible. Every individual case should be reported to the Project Office in UWM.

Candidates from foreign institutions should deliver the complete set of documents by scan via e-mail.

The incomplete, illegible, not meeting with the formal requirements or submitted after the deadline documentation, will not be considered.

The date of submitting the documents is the date of receipt of the document to the Project Office.

Admission decision will be sent to each Candidate via e-mail.

Other annexes concerning participation in the Project:

Flat rates in force in the project (to calculate the distance, please use only this tool)

Substatntive report on the implemetation of the exchange

Project participation data form

The declaration of project participant by the NAWA and PO WER

Certificate template

Evaluation questionnaire

Financial settlement of the exchange