Other practical information

Olsztyn: www.visit.olsztyn.eu/en/article/85/location-of-olsztyn

Public transportation in Olsztyn travel planner, bus, tram, tickets – ZKM   www.zdzit.olsztyn.eu/

Municipal transport

City buses and trams – timetables


Passenger who want to use the services of municipal transport system in Olsztyn can use one of the following fare schemes and types of tickets:

  • Single tickets :
    • Single route
    • 30-minute all routes
    • 45-minute all routes
    • 90-minute all routes
  • Tickets for multiple fares :
    • 10-fare tickets
  • Short-term tickets to be validated or registered (for many rides), valid on the following days (for the bearer):
    • 24-hour ticket
    • three-days ticket
  • Tickets valid for a period of time (a monthly ticket or a 30-day ticket) issued on personalized city transport card
    • A monthly with the holder’s name
    • A 30 – days with the holder’s name
    • A monthly for the bearer
    • A 30 – days for the bearer
    • A monthly for the holder(s) with a ‘Big Family’ discount offer card

Public holidays:

New Year’s Day – 1st January
Three Kings Day – 6th January
Easter – Sunday and Monday in March/ April
Labour Day – 1st May
Constitution Day – 3rd May
Corpus Christi – Thursday in May/ June
Feast of Assumption Day – 15th August
All Saints’ Day – 1st November
Independence Day – 11th November
Christmas – 25th – 26th December