Current restrictions - prevention of coronavirus spreading

Please find current safety measures introduced in order to prevent spreading of the coronavirus:

I. Obligation to cover month and nose in public places. You may use only a mask to cover your mouth and nose in public places – scarfs or face shield will not be accepted.

The obligation to cover one’s mouth and nose applies in such areas as:

  • common spaces (e.g. stairwell),
  • buses, trams and trains,
  • shops, shopping centres, banks, markets and post offices,
  • workplaces, if there is more than 1 person in the room (unless the employer decides otherwise),
  • workplaces – while providing direct service to customers,
  • cinemas and theatres,
  • doctor’s surgeries, clinics, hospitals, as well as massage and tattoo parlours,
  • churches, schools and universities,
  • public offices and other public facilities (courts, cultural institutions, banks, post offices, etc.),
  • schools and universities – at breaks between classes – unless the management decides otherwise.

II. Borders and international traffic:

Important! Those who, after arrival from outside the Schengen Area, EU, stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland for no longer than 24 hours and have a plane ticket which confirms their departure from the territory of the Republic of Poland within 24 hours may be exempt from the obligation to undergo quarantine, on the condition that they:

1. Present a negative result of a SARS-CoV-2 test (any antigen test, PCR) performed during the 24 hours before arrival in the Republic of Poland

2. Perform such a test before border check (only at airports where this is possible)

3. Perform the test at the airport after border check within 3 hours after arrival.


Note: Persons crossing the Poland-Ukraine border due to the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine are not subject to mandatory quarantine upon entry.


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