Current restrictions - prevention of coronavirus spreading

From the 24th of October 2020 whole Poland becomes a red zone. Please find the current safety measures introduced in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

a. cinemas, museums and cultural centres – closed

b. shopping malls – limited; only service points , food shops, cosmetics shops and shops selling hygiene and cleaning  products may be opened

c. hotels – available only for those who are on a business trip

d. other shops – limitations of people entering the shop based on the surface :

- shops under 100 m2 – 1 person/10 m2

- shops more than 100 m2 – 1 person/15 m2

e. churches - limitations of people entering based on the surface:

- 1 person/15m2

f. in eating places meals will be served as takeaways or for delivery only

g. maximum 5 people who don’t live in the common household may gather during meetings, parties or gatherings in public places

h. obligation to cover month and nose. Each person in public places such as streets, shops, offices, service points, should wear a mask, scarf or a handkerchief

i. ban on organising occasional events (like weddings)

j. in the public transport only 50% of available sitting places or 30% of all available places (sitting and standing in total) may be occupied.

k. sport events without audience

l. swimming pools, aquaparks and gyms - closed