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We kindly inform that recruitment for some fields of studies conducted in English (Environmental Engineering, Geodesy and Cartography) is open from 25.04.2023. A candidate has to register in IRK system, upload documents and pay the admission fee. If you will have any questions please contact us:



 Foreign students can be admitted:


I. Candidates that hold a high school diploma obtained in Poland, are holders of EB diploma or IB diploma:


    - through the IRK online admission system


II. Candidates that DO NOT hold a high school diploma obtained in Poland, are NOT holders of EB diploma or IB diploma:


     - through the IRK online admission system, but documents they have to deliver to the Office for International Cooperation


Recruitment at studies of candidates that hold a  high school diploma obtained abroad Poland is based on a ranking of sum of the points at the high school diploma from three of subjects that are listed in  attachments 1A-1C calculated according to list of scales at attachment 3. At degrees: Landscaping, Artistic Education – field of visual arts, Artistic Education- field of music, Speech Therapy apart from the calculation of point from diploma the qualification process includes appraisal of the candidate’s predispositions.If the scale of points from the candidate’s high school diploma is incomparable to any of scales listed at the attachment 3, the points are not calculated. This means that the candidate cannot be qualified on the basis of the high school diploma subject’s points but:

 1. Within one step recruitment that includes contest of high school diplomas candidate is obliged to take exams from 2 subjects:

a. At degrees: Food Bioengineering, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Dietetics, Gastronomy – culinary art, Management of Renewable Resources and Minerals;  Agricultural Machineries, Forest and Food Engineering, Engineering of Food Processing, Forestry, Microbiology, Environmental Protection, Gardening, Nursery, Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine faculty, Fishery, Food Technology and Nourishment, Veterinary Medicine (studies in Polish), Zootechnics, Animals in Recreation, Education and Therapy – subjects : Mathematics and Physics.

b. At degrees: Medicine (studies in Polish) – subjects: Biology and Chemistry or Physics or Mathematics.

c. At degrees: Architectural Engineering, Energetics, Geodesy and Cartography, Land Management, Information Technology, Information Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Management and Engineering of Production – subjects: Mathematics and Physics.

d. At degrees: Administration, Administration and Digitization, Trends Creation and Analysis, National Safety, Internal Safety, Journalism and Social Communication, Economy, Philosophy, History, Linguistics in Business, Family Sciences, Education, Preschool and Early School Education, Special Needs Education, Political Sciences, Social Works, Law, Sociology, International Relations, Theology, Tourism and Recreation, Military Studies, Management – Subjects: Geography and History or Civics,

e. At degree Polish philology – Polish and History or Civics.

f. At degree Philology, in the field of Russian Philology – Polish and Russian.

g. At degree Philology, in the field of German Philology and Teaching Specialization in the field of German – subjects: Polish and German.

h. At degree Philology, in the field of English Philology and Teaching Specialization in the field of English Philology – subjects: Polish and English.

2. Within two step recruitment candidate has to take oral examination from two subjects:

a. At degree Landscape Architecture – subjects: Biology and Chemistry or Mathematics.

b. At degree Art Education in the field of music arts – History and Polish.

c. At degree Art Education the field of  visual arts – subjects: History and Polish.

d. At degree Speech Therapy – subjects Biology and History or Civics.


Candidates should submit all required documents before 27.07.2022.

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