Legalization of stay/ Visa

An EU citizen can enter Poland with his/her ID document (a valid travel document e.g. passport, or another document certifying his/her identity and citizenship).

For stay up to 3 months no legalisation of stay will be necessary. For stays exceeding 3 months, an EU citizen will have to obtain a temporary residence permit (Karta pobytu obywatela UE). In case of students, the residence permit is issued for one year. The residence permit – once issued – will also entitle its bearer to take up work. The residence permit and the right to work also extends to the immediate family – i.e. spouse and children.

This document will be issued by the Department of Citizens Affairs of the Voivodeship Office (province administration, in Polish Urząd Wojewódzki).

Temporary Residence Card will allow you to cross the Polish border as many times as you wish.

Note: In order to prolong your stay, you need to apply for a Temporary Stay Card 45 days before your visa expires.


Students coming from the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) have no need to apply for a visa. A valid travel document entitles students to enter Poland.

The citizens of non-EU/EEA member countries are required to obtain a Polish visa upon their arrival to Poland.  We recommend you to apply for the visa three months in advance.

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