The announcement of the Rector of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn on recommendations related to Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spread.

Announcement No. 1/2020 of the Rector of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn of 9 March 2020

on measures to prevent and to contain infections with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

  1. Following the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (hereinafter: “University”) recommends:

1)       cancelling all trips planned by staff, doctoral students, and students of the University to areas at risk of epidemics;

2)       suggesting that partners of the University from the areas at high risk of epidemics should cancel future trips of their staff, doctoral students and students to the University.

  1. The Office for International Cooperation is in contact with the staff planning foreign trips or who are currently on foreign trips. The trips, stays and early returns of the University students under the Erasmus+ programme are discussed on an individual basis by the Office staff with the Foundation for the Education System Development – the National Erasmus+ Agency.
  2. Staff, doctoral students and students of the University returning from foreign trips to countries at risk of epidemics, where the incidence of the disease caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (further in this announcement called coronavirus) is high, are obliged to stay at home for two weeks after their return, to monitor their health status and to contact the sanitary inspection. These individuals are obliged to do their work or study at home, as long as they feel well. This fact must be notified by electronic means to head of the respective organisational unit (dean or unit head) and to the Office for International Cooperation (
  3. Decisions on whether a temporary absence at the University of individuals returning from countries at risk of epidemics should be excused are taken on an individual basis by:

1)       for members of the University staff – heads of University units (deans or heads of the other units). Staff members shall receive full salary for the period of their excused absence;

2)       for students and doctoral students – heads of teaching units (deans and vice-deans for student affairs or managers and deputy managers). Absence from classes (without the need to make up for the missed classes) will be excused based on travel tickets or travel documents.

  1. The authorities of the University organisational units and university teachers are requested to monitor university life and to prevent exclusion and discriminatory behaviour.
  2. It is recommended that all events attended by people from outside the University, organised at the University or Faculty level, as well as all sports events and (domestic and international) scientific conferences, should be postponed to a later date or cancelled.
  3. It is recommended that rooms and surfaces, as well as door handles, railings, electric switches and computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, indicators and remote controls) should be disinfected.
  4. Let us remind you that if you suspect that you have a coronavirus infection:

1)      contact the County Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Olsztyn, phone – +48 89 524 83 00, infoline - +48 800 190 590;

2)      or visit the Infectious Disease Ward at the County Healthcare Centre in Ostróda, ul. Władysława Jagiełły 1 (not a hospital emergency unit or contact a GP) – phone numbers: Admissions - +48 89 646 06 70,

doctor’s surgery – +48 89 646 06 47, nurses’ room – +48 89 649 06 22, Infectious Disease Clinic – +48 89 646 06 01.

A decision on quarantine shall be made by the sanitary inspector. Please read the announcements issued by the Chief Sanitary Inspector at and follow the recommendations contained in them.


Professor Ryszard Góreck

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