Study in foreign languages

Offer training in English for the academic year 2019/2020

First degree studies and uniform MA

- Studies in English 

  • Journalism and Social Communication - Cybermedia and Electrronic Communication
  • Geodesy and cartography - Geodesy and Geoinformatics
  • Information Technology- Engineering of IT systems; General Information Technology
  • Environmental engineering - Environmental Engineering
  • Fisheries - Applied ichtiology
  • Mathematics - Teaching Mathematics; Financial and Actuarial Mathematics
  • Political Science - International Relations – Global and Regional Perspective
  • Food technology and Human Nutrition – Dairy Technology
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Medicine

Second-degree studies

 - Studies in English

  • Geodesy and cartography - Geodesy and Satellite Navigation; Geodesy and Geoinformatics – intra-year recruitment*
  • Information Technology– Bioinformatics; Designing IT Systems and Computer Networks; Multimedia techniques; 
  • Environmental engineering – Environmental Biotechnology intra-year recruitment*
  • Process Engineering and Environmental Protection and Biotechnology (recruitment as part of recruitment in Polish intra-year recruitment*
  • Biotechnology - intra-year recruitment*
  • Mathematics - Applied mathematics; Teaching mathematics
  • Environmental protection – Aquatic Ecosystem Protection - intra-year recruitment*
  • Political Science - International Relations: Global and Regional Perspective; International Political and Economic Relations
  • Agriculture – Production Management - intra-year recruitment*
  • Fisheries - Aquaculture and Fisheriesintra-year recruitment*
  • Food technology and human nutrition - Food Engineering - intra-year recruitment*
  • Management – Logistics, Management of a Small and Medium Enterprise

Second-degree studies (Второй цикл)

- Studies in Russian (Обучение на русском языке)

* The intra-year recruitment

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