Required documents

Documents required from foreigners – candidates for studies:

1. Admission application (signed manually).

2. First (BA) or long-cycle (MA) studies:

A certified copy of secondary school leaving certificate (with apostille or legalization),  with a clause proving the right to apply for admission to higher education institution in the country where the certificate was issued or other document recognized as equivalent to the Polish general certificate of secondary education. This does not apply to certificates recognized under international agreements. The document should be translated be a sworn translator or a consul.

In case of second-cycle studies –a certified copy of diploma of higher education institution issued abroad with a full list of grades obtained during the course of study (with apostille or legalization), entitling to undertake supplementary master’s degree studies in the country where it was issued, recognized under the regulations, as equivalent to the Polish diploma of higher vocational studies.

A candidate for doctoral schools is obliged to submit – a certified copy of diploma of master’s degree studies (with apostille or legalization) or other document proving the completion of higher studies abroad, recognized under separate regulations, as equivalent to the Polish diploma of master’s degree studies.

Important: Original documents available on request.

3. A certificate of Polish language knowledge (only for candidates who want to study in Polish).

4. Application form from IRK online admission system.

5. A photocopy of a passport (the page with a photo). Original document available on request.

6. A receipt proving the payment of the enrolment fee (85 PLN - more information).

7. A copy of a document authorizing legal stay in Poland. Original document available on request.

8. A copy of a documents confirming insurance (after being admitted - till 15.10.2019). Original document available on request.

Please note:

Certificate of secondary education and diplomas with a full list of grades must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator or a consul. Other documents in foreign language may by translated by a chosen translator (it does not have to be sworn translator or a consul).

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