Current restrictions - prevention of coronavirus spread

The government announced new restrictions on the prevention of coronavirus spread in Poland and informed about validity dates of the previous ones :

1. Covering mount and nose:

From 30th of May there is no obligation to wear a mask in open space like streets and parks, as well as in restaurants if you take a sit.

However, you still have to keep minimum 1,5 meters distance between others.

You have to cover your mouth and nose in:

a. buses and trams

b. shops

c. theatres and cinemas

d. churches

e. offices

f. open city markets (like bazaars, stalls selling)

g. post office 


2. Restrictions valid until: furtner notice

-1,5 meters – minimum distance between others

-in the public transportation only half of places may be taken 



Please note that the validity dates may change taking into consideration the current situation.